BADASAN: refers to one of Atayal tribal (Atayal, Tsou, Saisiyat) ‘s culture – facial painting. This is a unique cultural practice by the Atayal tribe. Women have to be pure and can weave; Men must be brave and skilful at hunting to qualify for facial painting.

It represents beauty, bravery, avoids evil influence, a symbol for the tribe and is a medium to meet with ancestor after death. For Atayal tribe, facial painting is a form of beauty and maturity, only those men and women that through the painful test of facial painting can organize family and be responsible for family inheritance. Those without facial painting not only are forbidden from marriage, are also excluded from the society. We hope people can be more familiarized with the beauty of the culture that our ancestors had passed down.

The Chinese character rhymes with “do not scatter” which also means “unity”. Hope Badasan can provide a place of relaxation with joyful environment.

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